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FORSKNING: Ny viden om ergoterapi på ældreområdet

26. marts 2018
Ergoterapeut Tove Lise Nielsen fra VIA gennemførte som en del af sit ph.d.-studie et randomiseret kontrolleret studie om intensiv ergoterapi overfor konventionel praksis på ældreområdet i Randers kommune. Studiet løb i perioden september 2012- april 2014.

Abstract på den publicerede artikler om RCT-studiet lyder:


There is growing interest in enabling older adults’ occupational performance. We tested whether 11 weeks of intensive client-centred occupational therapy (ICC-OT) was superior to usual practice in improving the occupational performance of home-dwelling older adults.


An assessor-masked randomized controlled trial among adults 60 + with chronic health issues, who received or applied for homecare services. Recruitment took place September 2012 to April 2014. All participants received practical and personal assistance and meal delivery as needed. In addition, they were randomized to receive either a maximum 22 sessions of occupation-based ICC-OT (N = 59) or to receive usual practice with a maximum three sessions of occupational therapy (N = 60). The primary outcome was self-rated occupational performance assessed with the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM).


No important adverse events occurred. ICC-OT was accepted by 46 participants (88%), usual practice by 60 (100%). After 3 months, the ICC-OT-group had improved 1.86 points on COPM performance; the Usual-Practice group had improved 0.61 points. The between-group difference was statistically significant (95% confidence interval 0.50 to 2.02), t-test: p = 0.001.


ICC-OT improved older adults’ occupational performance more effectively than usual practice. This result may benefit older adults and support programmatic changes.

Den 9. april 2018 afholder ergoterapeut, cand.scient.san Tove Lise Nielsen ph.d.-forsvar på Aarhus universitet. Ph.d.-forsvaret er offentligt, og du kan finde invitationen her

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