KURSUSANNONCE Filadelfia: "INN® Integration of Neurodynamics into Neurorehabilitation" for Occupational Therapists

Integration af Neurodynamisk mobilisation i neurorehabilitering ved undersøgelse og behandling af neurologiske patienter med ændret neurodynamik som følge af hjerneskade.
Onsdag 16. august 2017
Kolonivej 1
4293 Dianalund


Målgruppe & formål

A course for occupational therapists in two parts on the assessment and treatment of patients suffering from changed neurodynamics after a lesion to the central nervous system.

The course includes theory and practical work on neurodynamic test procedures, adaptions to patients with a central lesion, release positions of the tests, movement analysis, movement facilitation and regaining qualitatively high motor control during daily life activities, always referring to the changed neurodynamics. 

Treatment planning and feedback under supervision, with special focus on verbal and non-verbal communication.


  • Course opening, organisation and presentation of the course participants, questions to the actual work with clients.
  • Introduction.
  • Properties of the peripheral nervous system, and possible changes after a lesion of the central nervous system.
  • Neurodynamic tests, introduction, lower limb, neuraxis.
  • Outcome analysis, adaptions, release, principles of unloading and preloading, connecting test positions with daily life situations.
  • Lower limb.
  • Upper limb.
  • Assessment and treatment of the nervous system – chances, limitations, precautions and contraindications, including aspects of communication.
  • Patient demonstration / course leader.
  • Discussion patient treatment.
  • Palpation of the nervous system.
  • Considerations about positioning, choice of postures.
  • Conclusions / summary of part 1, feedback, individual tasks for the intervall.

Course opening part 2:

  • Organisation, experiences from the intervall, questions, expectations.
  • Repetition of neurodynamic tests, variations, mobilisation using  daily life activities, a break included.
  • Presentation of the patients, preparation of the room, tasks for first contact and treatment.
  • Feedback to the treatment, clinical reasoning, evaluation and planning of the next sessions.
  • Analysis and facilitation of daily life activities, practical work, a break included.
  • Workshop with one of the patients discussion and progression of the treatment.
  • Mobilisation of the neuraxis in different positions and during different tasks, mat work, 
  • Analysis and facilitation of daily life activities, practical work.
  • Regaining arm- and handfunction.
  • Several times of patient treatment in groups of two.
  • Summary of assessment and main treatment aspects in writing (1/2 page).
  • Prophylaxis, work with relatives / caregivers, self training.
  • Feedback, summary of „gold nuggets“ from treatment sessions, evaluation of expectations, steps for the future.


Read article from G.Rolf, The puzzle of pain, 2 parts, books from D.Butler, M.Shacklock.


Nora Kern, PT Munich, MSc (OMT), ACI-Bobath (IBITA), INN® Concept development.


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